Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too busy to blog?

This past month has been nuts! First I went out of town with my family for 2 weeks, no Internet access (OH NO), the past 2 weeks has been chock full of tasks that needed to be completed. Today is a semi-down day. I finished work for 1 client already, I have to hire 1 more person for another client and get a blog set up for another client. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

My initial thought was not to blog at all but after really thinking it through (asking myself yes or no) I decided that a semi blog was better than no blog at all.

My main focus of thought right now is getting the social media together for a new client. She doesn't have a whole lot of web presence and I want to make sure she has a saturation of web presence. She has a website, she is on Facebook and Twitter. I am tweeting for her and posting new and exciting news but there is more to do. The first thing I noticed was her website isn't completely up to date, this must be fixed. She also needs a blog, my idea isn't to have a blog for her art school but to have one for her, personally. She is a very creative person and has some wonderful ideas, loves patterns, colors and textures. I think this creativity needs to be showcased and attached to her site. I gave her an assignment; take that fancy new IPhone and get some cool pictures of items and places she thinks are worthy. Since she runs an art school, I was thinking rusty old fences and decrepit old doors. Anything that is different, take a picture, send me a brief description and why she thinks it is interesting.

To start with, I like this idea. Of course Google Analytics and Pipes will come into play after we get going to chart our progress. We also need to send out more information to our contacts via constant contact. Maybe some of the blog postings will be worthy of a good email story?

Until next time, Shelley

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