Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New baby on the block!!!

In my neighborhood we have mostly retirees except that cute couple across the street... they bought her Moms house when they got married (Mom and I have been friends for 10 years) and Mom got married and had to move......... with her husband.... dang I miss her... BUT... I know she will be around alot in the near future because she is now a proud Grandma... Little Payton Hope was born this morning. I am more than excited for them and for me, hopefully I can baby sit now and then. If I have a baby to play with maybe I will stop looking for more dogs and cats :) I have enough critters and dont need more but cant help myself.......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to protect your online information

In my business, clients worry about their privacy, rightly so, it seems even Banks and Obama's hand held are fair game to hackers. We work with secure companies to do our online business. We are not perfect but we work hard at making sure your information is not breech able. There are simple steps we can take to ensure our online life is safe and secure from hackers and people who are up to no good.

Scanning the internet, I found this article and wanted to share. I found it at:

By eHow Internet Editor

You shop online. You bank online. You communicate online. The Internet has allowed us to do almost everything online, but it has also allowed hackers and thieves to obtain your private information online. Is your Internet security in jeopardy? Evaluate your online practices. If you think you could beef up your Internet security, read on. Adequate Internet security is possible with the following steps.

Never share any username or password with anyone else. Make sure your passwords are strong and hard to decipher so that no one else can guess them.
Fill out information and download files or programs only from websites you trust. Always looks for “https” at the beginning of the web address; this signifies that the site is secure. Furthermore, when you are done transmitting your information online, don't forget to log off and clear your cookies and web browser history as well.
Install an Internet security program that guards against identity theft, worms and spyware. Your internet supplier should have software you can download or you can purchase something like Norton.
Create an alternate email address for further Internet security. Use this new email address for completing online forms, posting in public forms or any other purpose that is public in nature.
Familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of websites you frequent. It is important to understand how the sites you visit are using the information you submit online. If you do not agree with the websites’ practices such as sending you emails with advertising in them, do not submit your private information on those websites.
Read your email only after downloading it off the server. Staying connected to your email while you are still online gives hackers a chance to view private information in your email. Email clients such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook allow you to do this.
Remove all your personal information and documents from your hard drive before selling or giving your computer to someone else.

I hope this list helps you with your ventures in the virtual world we all now live in. Thanks to ehow, they are a world of information.

Starting anew, again

Feeling the effects of the economy lately? Ya, me too. I find myself doing things a little more on the cheap than usual (which is usually on the cheap already). Not driving as many places or trying to lump everything into one trip if possible. Not going out to eat at much, cooking alot more at home which is a good practice that I didnt realize I missed. Family tends to spend more time together when they have to cook and clean up the kitchen.. you know the drill, "Put this in the fridge please", Honey could you check the oven, make sure dinner isnt burning", "Has anyone seen the salt?" "Whos doing dishes, not I", hehe. In more ways we are all seeing the effects of having lack of funds. Have you ever heard of a Virtual Assistant? I do know quite a few small business owners who do ALL the work themselves. They say they cant afford to hire someone and temp agencies really arent always a viable option. A virtual assistant can do all those tasks that take time away from you building your business. Since I have been an administrative assistant off and on for the past 25-30 years and I want to do something that I can do in my home office, I thought this would be a perfect solution for me and I am guessing there are a few small business owners right here in Sacramento who could use some help without actually hiring someone to work XX amount of hours a week, takes breaks, lunch, talks on the phone (not that all office assistants talk to their friends on the phone but you get my drift) When you hire someone to come sit in your office, even if its 10 hours a week. Are you actually getting 10 hours a week worth of productive time? You also have to pay the government another 29.3% of your employees salary. You have to buy office supplies, all the software, computers and furniture. You have to maintain the office, pay for the lights, etc. With me, you will pay a flat rate per hour. If you like we can work out a retainer agreement where I will devote a certain amount of hours a week to your business. It seems this is a win win. I am really excited and ready to go. I have all the software I need, the office, the supplies the zest to get up and GOO... call me!!